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Often overlooked in a client’s tax affairs, but potentially one of the most important considerations, is tax planning.
Tired of having an unexpected tax bill at end of financial year? Or perhaps you’re considering a significant business or property purchase and wish to maximise potential tax benefits. We can help.


Tax Planning

What is tax planning?
Australian taxpayers have the right to arrange their tax affairs in a way that keeps their tax obligations to the minimum, as long as this is done legally and within the intent of the law.

This is where your dedicated tax advisors at Crown Tax come into the picture.

We are experts in planning and structuring tax affairs so as to keep as much as possible of your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your back pocket.

Unfortunately, we too often see new clients who either:

  1. Have not previously engaged a tax advisor for tax planning;
  2. Have engaged an advisor, but they have overlooked this important consideration, or;
  3. Have tried to conduct this themselves and have either been unsuccessful or worse, fallen outside of legal tax planning and find themselves involved in a tax avoidance scheme

The ATO fulfills its duty to investigate and remove illegal tax avoidance schemes, and rightfully so. There is a line between tax planning and tax avoidance; for most this line is thin and ambigious – for us, it is crystal clear. Reach out today for a discussion on how we may be able to assist you in tax planning.



The phrase “You can’t have one without the other” certainly applies to tax planning and structuring.

Structuring itself primarily relates to the structuring of your tax affairs, specifically entity types (individual, company, trust etc), in order to achieve the most beneficial result to you in terms of overall financial position and legal tax minimisation.

Sound similar to tax planning? Well again, it is an important component in any effective tax planning. By utilising properly understanding and arranging the appropriate entity structures for your business, investments or even asset protection, we achieve the most beneficial arrangement for you and your family.

This provides the same goal as broader tax planning, being more of your money staying with you, but also priceless peace of mind in knowing your affairs are set-up to your benefit, whilst remaining legal and outside of inappropriate tax avoidance. Crown Tax are your dedicated tax planning and structuring experts so contact us today to put you in the most favourable tax position possible.

What our clients are saying

Years of overdue tax returns

I was really stressing about my years of overdue tax returns and put them on the back burner when life got in the way, until I received a nasty letter from the ATO. I’m really glad I didn’t put it off any longer and reached out to Crown Tax. After an initial chat I sent them the information requested and the returns were lodged within days. Unbelievable!
Alex S

Accounting stuff is taken care of

Crown Tax were by far the most competitive pricing of all the firms I went to for a quote on my small company work. The team set me up with an ongoing package where I pay monthly (helps for cashflow!) and all tax and accounting stuff is taken care of for me. I even get quarterly management reports and just love being able to call someone anytime to ask a silly tax question. 10/10.
Carolyn R

Seriously, thank you

Top stuff guys, really impressed all round this year and couldn’t have asked for an easier client-accountant relationship. Seriously, thank you for taking such a weight off my shoulders.
Brian N

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